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Warrior Culture - Leading with Love

Warrior VISION
We believe in a Papua New Guinea where there is no Family Violence. The tragic reality is two in every three PNG women will experience family violence in her life - this equates to 2.3 million women.

This gives organization’s like ours, “Warrior Culture - Men Against Family Violence”, 2.3 million reasons to HELP the families of Papua New Guinea.

Warrior FOCUS
We are focused on breaking down the negative beliefs and values that keep our society accepting Family Violence. Instead we aim to develop and steer men, women and youths toward even greater self-acceptance, self-control and self-empowerment so they understand how to respect others.

Warrior ACTION
We are taking a bold, 3-pronged approach in 2014:

1) Community education - we will continue to deliver focused community programs working with communities throughout Port Moresby. These focused workshops are designed to deliver insight into personal behavior and encourage participants to own their challenges and self-determine solutions. This approach maximizes the sustainability of their success once we complete the program and depart the community.

2) Mass Media Campaigns - we utilise the extensive network of media to reach television, radio, newspaper, internet and mobile phone users. We generate a high level of awareness and discussion of men’s issues, women’s issues and youth issues throughout PNG via this forum. Warrior Culture encourages everybody in PNG to discuss this challenge in an even more empowered manner. Further, our organisation will be highlighting innovative ways persons can report and assist victims who may be suffering from Family Violence, without putting themselves in harms way.

3) TV Show - in 2014 we endeavor to deliver a television program to PNG that will get the “warriors” of PNG, rugby league and union players and sports stars in our country, to speak about the benefits of healthy living and how to overcome Family Violence and other challenges including depression, mental health and addiction.

Warrior FAMILY
We want YOU (males and females) to join our family by becoming a Warrior TODAY! If you currently experience challenges in this area (as a victim, perpetrator or witness), break free from your shackles and learn how to live without fear, depression, anxiety and procrastination - learn how to become the real WARRIOR that awaits deep inside you, the real LEADER in you!

If you want to help JOIN US too! Come to our workshops, help us out, share our work, read our blogs, like us on Facebook - every bit counts in our family, know that you will not be judged and that you are welcome to become a Warrior also.

Thank you for recognizing that it makes sense to help PNG families overcome their issues so violence does not happen in the first instance. You now understand better, the 2.3 millions reasons that you should help our organisation to help PNG men, women and youths.

We “demonstrate” to ALL our participants, HOW to break the violence cycle and show their sons and daughters how to live an empowered life. Ask us today how you can donate or partner with our organization to make our vision for PNG come true.

Embrace the WARRIOR in YOU today!




Helping PNG men overcome violence


2. Warrior Culture (previously "1,000 Strong - Men Against Family Violence", speaks to EMTV about our programs with men - in 2013

Have a look at the interview by clicking on this link: